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About Elli, MSc

Learning about the secrets and laws of mother nature has been my focus point from early childhood on. What life means and how matter is related to spirit/soul was a key motivation in all my studies and learning, whether it was physics or learning about different spiritual paths, from Christian Tradition over Shinto, to the Buddhist path. 

The studies of Biology and Human Biology, specialized in brain research and behaviour analysis, gave me an overview over the established view on body, mind and life itself. Holding a Master of Science in Human Biology gave me a profound foundation to build up on and supported me in my studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Western herbs, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and sleep research including lucid dreaming. I experienced by myself that all knowledge and expertise does not mean that you truly understand the most important things about health. I ended up collecting severe diseases and after walking the modern scientific path I had to acknowledge that something was missing in the picture.  Through many steps of learning and healing I finally stepped onto the path of traditional Yoga and was surprised and overwhelmed by the abundance of deep holistic knowledge. I had found what I had been looking for all my life, a holistic science that encompasses spirit, mind and body. My home.


By applying yogic teachings all my ailments disappeared over time. My life unfolded in a form of richness that I would never have imagined. The realm of energy - based work opened up to me and instead of being thrown around by foreign energies I learned to work with it. The blessing I received through my teachers and the universe itself cannot stay with me alone. I decided to share what I had learned with others. To open a door towards the sacred path of Yoga, towards inner healing and holistic well-being is my duty, joy and my everyday life now. 

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My Philosophy

Yoga- the sacred science


The ancient science of Yoga is highly underestimated by most people and often reduced to physical exercises only. Yet, Yoga contains ALL knowledge. All sciences are included from Astrophysics down to molecular science. From natural, applied sciences to the humanities. Philosophy and Math are not seen as separate things, on the contrary, all interrelation, all Sociology has a scientific base. The abundance of knowledge is difficult to grasp and it would take lifetimes to learn and apply what it has to offer. 

It is difficult to imagine the richness that lies just in front of us, the answers that are ready for everything when we try to find our way. Despite the mass of information and the complexity of the yogic knowledge the basic understanding is very easy and does not need any pre-knowledge or education. In fact, you don´t need anything to understand Yoga. You only need yourself and observation skills. No Guru, no book will teach you what you need as understanding and true comprehension is not connected to knowledge. Yoga, the union of your individual and the cosmic soul, can only be experienced.


Meditation, the full fusion with all existence, is the goal of all yogic practices. Mind creates reality, so all techniques are there to educate our mind towards clarity. So called supernatural powers occur naturally by removing the mental blocks that hold us in illusion and self-deceit. We all are creators and powerful beings but mostly cut-off from the abundance of all-encompassing knowledge.  Taking away what is holding back our true nature is what happens through all yogic practices. Our true self can awaken and we can access the immeasurable power within us. What is seen often as occult and only a matter of belief is actual science and follows logic and the laws of nature.


Approach for everyone


Yoga has so many branches and holds important teachings for everyone. No matter if you want to go deep and emerge yourself in meditation or you just want to know how to heal a disease, Yoga is right for you. You can start with mental practices or simply adapt your nutrition and everyday habits along the yogic guidelines to improve your life quality. In the courses conducted here, I emphasize on your personal situation and take your individual condition into account. An open mind is open to life-long learning endless growth.

A path towards yourself is opened and self-healing properties re-awakened. With dedication and sensitivity, I will guide you step by step deeper into yourself. I mostly western people join these curses I explain all techniques in the light of modern science as well, which gives us a graspable understanding of core aspects of the sacred teachings. Yet, the full meaning of life, soul and yourself is beyond any logic explanation and can only be experienced. 


Mind creates reality


As much as we will work with our body, our breath, nutrition and detoxification, the mind is the one which creates our reality. So, ALL yogic practices lead you towards meditation, whether you do Asanas or sit quietly. Our mind can be our best friend and serve our hearts wishes. Powerful and clear, we can discriminate between good and bad, we can plan and remember everything, store endless knowledge and create. Without our heart involved that powerful agent runs blind and we can end up educating a profound enemy that can spoil our time here and hinder us from grasping our full potential. Negative or circling thoughts are just the visible and easy to detect behaviours. Most of our blockages and restriction reside in the unconscious part of our mind and work undetected from that hidden realm. So, we often end up working on the surface, treating symptoms only without understanding the origin of our ailments. With the right approach those can be made visible, acknowledged and healed.   in form of Restricting beliefs, trauma and dogmata are frozen and blocked energy. It has to flow again, the open wounds of the past, our traumas, can heal naturally and open up space for pure life energy flow into us again. 

The result is a much fuller and richer life, a joyful life in self-respect and responsibility towards all we meet in life. 

For a single person this can be a total change is life quality and life choices, applied in whole societies it changes the world we live in into a paradise.

That is my personal wish in my teachings and the long-term goal. Let´s recreate paradise on earth and live a life in fulfilment.

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