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Personalized Practices, Sequences and Nutrition

In a private consultation Elli Ji will ask many questions about your life and habits. Your ailments will be anylized in the face of western research, holistic ayurvedic teachings and yogic science. You will receive a guideline of traditional practices and nutrition advices to gently bring the system back to natural balance and self-healing. Your personal background and talents will be taken into account so that you can easily implement your regimen into your daily life. With the vast knowledge and hands-on experience in esecially so called incurable diseases Elli Ji can give you the understanding of treatments and motivation towards a life of freedom and self-determination.

Who is it for?

In case you want to take your health into your own hands and use the vast knowledge of Yoga science to prevent and or fight diseases or as a treatment method, please feel free to book an appointment. The consultation can be also  for your spiritual growth, personalizing your Yoga Practice or finding the right supporting behavioural traits to stabilize your practice and get the most effects of the time you spend on your mat. With over 15 years of experience we will help you to design a personalized practice based on traditional Yoga techniques and modern research results. To have a first understanding of your focus areas please fill out the form hence we can prepare, and book your appointment.

Consultation for health reasons


Nowadays many people struggle with exhaustion, chronic fatigue

syndrome and lack of energy. Depression, burn out and lack of joy

are more common as well and often a companion of a physical

imbalance. Neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes and auto-immune

disorders like allergies and food intolerances are rising in numbers

every year and every year more people are feeling left alone with only

medical treatment for isolated symptoms. Most modern disorders are

stress-related (physical and mental distress) and can be alleviated with

very simple methods. But when symptoms are manifold it often gets

complicated to receive a holistic diagnose and we end up moving

from one doctor to another. The Yogic as well as the Ayurvedic

Traditions allow to see the human as a whole being and provide

countless methods to approach certain disorders. The yogic techniques can be used as a support in an ongoing treatment or as a holistic health approach in itself. You don´t have to become a Yogi in order to reap the benefits of thousands of years of deep knowledge. You can include some techniques into your daily routine and slowly allow the effects to develop. Depending on your personal circumstances and needs we will design a holistic set of exercises to help you get back to your strength. Offside the guided applications you might have to implement some changes regarding:

-       sleep waking pattern

-       nutrition

-       detoxification

-       physical movement

-       mental exercises

-       intention

-       awareness

At the Yoga Science Academy, we recognize the challenges many people face when dealing with health issues such as exhaustion, chronic fatigue syndrome, and lack of energy. Modern-day ailments like depression, burnout, and diminished joy often accompany physical imbalances. Neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, and auto-immune disorders are on the rise, leaving individuals feeling isolated with only symptomatic medical treatments.  Our Pranayama Training and Yoga Nidra Course offer holistic approaches to address these health concerns. By viewing the human body as a whole, the Yogic and Ayurvedic traditions provide numerous methods to tackle specific disorders. You don't have to become a Yogi to benefit from centuries of deep knowledge. By incorporating Yogic techniques into your daily routine, you can experience the transformative effects over time.  During a consultation, we will assess your unique circumstances and design a holistic set of exercises tailored to your needs.

Finding your Yoga Path


Often, we start our Yoga journey with a training and dive into Asana,

Meditation, Philosophy and Pranayama practices. A new world

opens up and we are overwhelmed by the sheer number of

techniques and the vast knowledge waiting to be discovered. But

where to start and  what to do first are important questions that

will be answered by long term dedicated practice. Your personal

practice will develop more clearly the more sincerely you step on

the sacred path of the old masters. But only very view decide to

go towards austerity and dedicate their life span to the studies of

the sacred sciences. Most  of us have to go back to their worldly lives and integrate some of the holy methods into their daily routine. Where to start and what to avoid can be challenging questions and lead on a path of trials and errors. To achieve your personal goals, taking your individual life situation into account is needed. Understanding your personal constitution and personality structure play as critical roles as your physical and mental health.

Embarking on a Yoga journey at the Yoga Science Academy opens up a world of possibilities, from Asana, Meditation, Philosophy to Pranayama practices. With so much to explore, finding your path and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Long-term dedicated practice is the key to answering these important questions and developing your personal practice. While some choose to devote their lives to the sacred sciences, most of us must integrate these transformative methods into our daily routines. It can be challenging to navigate this journey and avoid pitfalls. That's why understanding your personal constitution, personality structure, and overall well-being is crucial. At the Yoga Science Academy, we guide you on your individual path, considering your unique life situation, to help you achieve your personal goals. Explore our Pranayama and Yoga Nidra courses to deepen your practice and discover your true Yoga path.

Challenges of growth – refining your practice


After some years on the Yoga path many have tried different ways to

meditate or practice Asanas. Also, Pranayama techniques have found

their ways into daily life via breath work trainings and many different

spiritual schools offer their practices for spiritual advancement.

To adapt an evolved practice to our changing needs, you usually

would ask your Guru about the next steps. Your master would guide

you towards more growth taking your capacity and your personality

into account, helping you on your way with insights and protection.

As a worldly practitioner you might have to answer these questions

for yourself or you stick to a strict pattern of a tradition.. With deeper

practices changes start to appear in the astral body, strong cleansing

events take place and our inner and outer world start to change.  

When the energy rises or the Kundalini starts to awaken, we see ourselves confronted with an unknown world. The effects of an expanded awareness are not only pleasant and can be extremely challenging. Mostly people feel very alone with these experiences as in the modern culture these events are still seen as occult. But rising consciousness is inevitable when you practice auspicious techniques for some time. Integrating the new level on sensitivity and knowledge into the daily life and adapt the spiritual practice according to your advancement can silence the struggles and give space for a long-term individual growth.

At the Yoga Science Academy, we understand the challenges that come with personal growth and refining your Yoga practice. After years on the Yoga path, you may have explored various meditation techniques, Asana practices, and even incorporated Pranayama into your daily life. Different spiritual schools offer practices for spiritual advancement, but as a worldly practitioner, you may find yourself facing important questions about the next steps on your journey. Unlike having a Guru to guide you, you may need to navigate these questions on your own or adhere strictly to tradition.  Deeper practices can bring about profound changes in your astral body, leading to powerful cleansing experiences and transformations in your inner and outer world. As your energy rises and Kundalini awakens, you may find yourself entering an unknown realm. The effects of expanded awareness can be both challenging and isolating, as these experiences are often seen as occult in modern culture.

How does it work?


Elli will ask you many questions to get a good idea of the situation.

We meet as friends on the same path towards healing, so there is

no need to hold back anything. You will meet no judgement and

can speak openly in a safe space. After diagnosis we will evaluate

what has to be taken care of first, define the goals and design a

practice for you daily life. Depending You will get personalized

homework and  practice material. Depending on your

advancement and you evaluated needs we might adapt the

practice after some time or you go on with the recommendations.

At the Yoga Science Academy, we believe in creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment for our students. During the Pranayama Course and Yoga Nidra Course, Elli will guide you through a process of understanding your unique situation. She will ask you relevant questions to gain insight into your needs and challenges.  As fellow travelers on the path towards healing, you can openly share your experiences and concerns. Elli will provide a safe space where you can freely express yourself. Once the diagnosis is complete, we will assess the priorities and establish clear goals for your practice.  Based on the evaluation, a personalized practice will be designed specifically for your daily life. You will receive personalized homework assignments and practice materials to support your progress. As you advance and your needs evolve, adjustments may be made to the practice to ensure continued growth and optimal results.  Experience the transformative power of Pranayama Training and Yoga

The Goal


Our goal is your improvement. There is a path to healing for everyone, a

reasonable approach for every constitution and symptom. Whether the

consultation is a step for you to understand your situation better, to get

pointed into the right direction or your entry into deeper learning and

self-healing is only up to you. We don´t follow any dogma. So, a

recommendation might be offside the Yoga field as well when it would

serve you better. So, we only meet when it is necessary. (P.e. in some cases

it might be needed to undergo a parasite treatment or a fasting period

with a physician before we will apply Pranayamas (breathing techniques)

to clean the body on a cellular level.). Knowledge comes in all shapes

and forms and we should reap the fruits of the work and research of our

ancestors and celebrate the wisdom of humanity. The willingness to take

control and responsibility in the healing process is essential in order to work with the traditional ways of the Yogis. What lies ahead is a path of self-empowerment and wholesome enhancement of your physical and mental health.

At the Yoga Science Academy, our ultimate goal is your improvement and healing. We understand that each individual has a unique path to wellness, and we offer a reasonable and tailored approach to address your specific constitution and symptoms.  Our consultations aim to provide a better understanding of your situation and guide you in the right direction. Whether you seek clarity, guidance, or a deeper level of learning and self-healing, the choice is yours. We don't adhere to rigid dogmas, and if a recommendation outside the realm of Yoga would be more beneficial for you, we will not hesitate to suggest it.  We value the diversity of knowledge and believe in utilizing various sources of wisdom. For example, in certain cases, a parasite treatment or fasting period with a physician may be necessary before incorporating Pranayamas (breathing techniques) to cleanse the body at a cellular level.  The journey towards healing requires your willingness to take control and responsibility

Your appointment

In order to book an appointment with your consultant Elli, please fill

out the form upfront so we get an idea of what we

can do for you. All information will be treated as confidential and

only be used for your advancement. In case you do not feel

comfortable to note down personal information here, you can also

choose to write an email or we can discuss

all the items live in the call. We use skype call for our meetings

, so you can watch our conversation again. 


Your Guide


Elli Ji will be your consultant. For many years she has advised people in

health questions and trained many students to apply the yogic methods

as treatment. She is dedicated to see the whole picture in the message

your body is sending via symptoms and discomfort. Her own journey

towards holistic health has been long and fruitful as she has learned

many approaches to diagnose and treat illnesses offside the modern

western path. She has experienced the effectiveness of reasonable

application of the ancient Yogic techniques and could heal herself

from “incurable” conditions. Knowing severe illness first hand she can

easily rely to the whole package of challenges a patient and his whole

social environment have to face. With diligence she will guide you back

towards your own strength.

To schedule an appointment with your consultant, Elli, please complete the form provided. Rest assured that all information shared will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for your personal advancement. If you prefer not to disclose personal details on the form, you can alternatively send an email to or discuss the necessary information during our live call. Our meetings take place via Skype, allowing you the option to revisit our conversation at any time.

Fees and Material

One session in the mean takes 1,5 hours and costs 146,- Euros.

Sometimes it might take a bit longer to review and discuss all relevant

points. In case we take longer the fee will incur accordingly. The session

will be closed after 2,5 hours latest. The guidances and teaching

materials you will get for your self-treatment and homework will be

accessible via your personal account. No extra fees occur here.

Each session typically lasts 1.5 hours and is priced at 146 Euros. Occasionally, if additional time is needed to thoroughly address all important aspects, the fee will be adjusted accordingly. The session will conclude within a maximum of 2.5 hours. As part of the course, you will receive comprehensive guidance and teaching materials for your self-treatment and homework, which can be accessed through your personal account. Rest assured that there are no additional fees associated with accessing these resources.


Yogascience provides insights from thousands of years of Yogic

knowledge. Though all diseases can be alleviated or healed with Yogic

and Ayurvedic methods, a change from an allopathic treatment to a

complete self-management cannot be done in one day. We are not

health practitioners or medical doctors and the application of yogic

techniques does not ad hoc replace an allopathic treatment. In case of

medication, you need to coordinate with your physician to taper

according to the improvement of your symptoms. Even severe

medication can be removed when the cause of a problem gets

treated and the body heals itself. This is an individual process though

and depends on the dedication of the client to adapt changes in daily life.

At Yogascience, we offer insights derived from centuries of Yogic wisdom to promote holistic health. While Yogic and Ayurvedic methods can help alleviate or heal various ailments, transitioning from allopathic treatment to complete self-management is a gradual process. It's important to note that we are not health practitioners or medical doctors, and the application of Yogic techniques does not replace allopathic treatment immediately. If you are taking medication, it is crucial to consult with your physician to adjust the dosage based on symptom improvement. With proper treatment of the underlying cause, even strong medication can potentially be reduced as the body heals itself. However, each individual's journey is unique, and success depends on the client's commitment to implementing daily lifestyle changes.
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