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About the Yoga Science Academy 

Our Focus

The main focus of the Yoga Science Academy is to impart knowledge for self-healing. The desire is to bring people essential knowledge about body and mind through the sacred path of yoga. In order to be able to assess oneself well, to recognize and diagnose symptoms, fundamental connections between the outside and inner world are intensively discussed. Through the application of logic, Ayurvedic teachings, Sankya philosophy and state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, the student receives a toolbox of knowledge to make individual classifications, to treat himself, to alleviate symptoms and to remedy the cause of the complaints. In doing so, the student moves through self-healing, self-knowledge and transformation further and further on the path of the old ways. Through one's own experience, factual knowledge is holistically integrated with insights. The skills of introspection and a healthy way of dealing with oneself enable the student to dive deeper and deeper into his inner self. Causes of illnesses, traumas, unwanted behavior, psychological challenges and life issues can be identified and classified. Knots and blockages are allowed to loosen on different levels and a harmonious life can be designed with full awareness. In the interweaving field of body and mind, subtle energy and matter, different levels of action and functional circles arise. The "layer" of the human being in which the cause of a disease is based is essential for a successful meaningful treatment and the cornerstone for a positive development. From personalized physical exercises, breathing exercises, mental practices, relaxation exercises, yoga nidra, meditation, as well as nutrition to energetic approaches, various techniques are combined and combined into an individualized plan for self-therapy. During the trainings, students learn to apply this to themselves and others, while at the same time they can experience the efficiency of personalized practice with a plan drawn up by the professional.


Why Yoga Science Academy?

A Combination of Human Biology, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda and Meditation

Elli Ji, the founder of the Yoga Science Academy, has a classical background in natural sciences, studied biology and human biology in Germany and Austria. Even during her studies, she sought a holistic understanding of life. What is the mind, where is it, what is the personality, what is behavior, how does it arise, is there free will and how do we use our tools to create a healthy, fulfilled and happy life? At the age of 13, she began her own meditation practice and learned to explore different states of mind over many years. Monotheistic religions opened further paths into Far Eastern philosophies of life. The urge for knowledge allowed her to immerse herself in many areas and broaden her horizons, to find answers that could not be found in the textbooks. Forensic medicine, behavioral endocrinology and brain research brought to light some extended questions regarding consciousness, the advancing findings from quantum and astrophysics demanded a holistic classification of all available knowledge. 

Eventually, the path led to India, where she was received by the spirit of yoga. In the yoga tradition, the ancient Vedic knowledge, the entanglement and holistic view of body, mind and soul, she was able to find not only answers to lifelong questions, but a complete guide for the human being with all aspects. Since then, the Vedic knowledge, the yogic teachings and the application of the findings have been the central point of her work and personal development. Through her own experiences with the most serious illnesses and an unsuccessful search for a cure by Western orthodox medicine, the knowledge of traditional healing methods expanded. 

Training in traditional Chinese medicine, Reiki, hypnosis and herbalism expanded the understanding of cause and effect, the laws of nature and the mechanism of self-healing. For many years, she followed an individual healing path that was based on understanding. logic and knowledge of nature. She went through several trainings in the field of yoga, pranayama, Ayurveda, as well as mental yogic practices, such as yoga nidra and meditation and stayed for a long time in India, in various ashrams (monasteries).

For years, Elli has been teaching yoga, meditation, pranayama, yoga nidra, spiritual anatomy, sacred geometry and Ayurveda in various settings. She leads trainings in Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Pranayama as well as holistic yoga teacher trainings in Nepal, as well as in Europe. In private sessions, she advises individuals on their individual goals, creating individual programs using yogic techniques. Individual Consultations

Her vision is a world where general knowledge about health and spirituality is the norm. This circumstance will make the world a place of higher vibration, a place with less violence, deeper realizations, and fulfillment for every path of life. Each and every one of us can become a bearer of sacred knowledge and bring the light of our ancestors into our time. All these experiences in developments lead to the Foundation of Yoga Science Academy, a place were people from all backrounds get access to the broad knowledge of Yoga combined with Western science. 

Personalized Practice

All paths to healing and self-knowledge are wonderful and a treasure that our ancestors pass on to us. However, they are very different and varied, so that it is difficult to keep track of the myriad of practices, traditions and currents and to find the right path for oneself. If you look at the abundance of different pranayama practices alone, you quickly realize that one lifetime is not enough to even try everything and certainly not to find your own way in it. In fact, not every technique is good for every person. It's more like medication. You shouldn't just go to the pharmacy and mix medication just because they are used to treat symptoms in certain cases. One would produce side effects and undesirable effects. So it is with yogic techniques. Who should practice what and to what extent determines the condition of the person. It is necessary to orient oneself to the status quo and clearly define the goals in order to create a personalized practice adapted to the needs of the individual. In my trainings and workshops, I attach great importance to imparting a basic understanding so that at the end the student can guide himself and others in the sacred practice of pranayama.

In my trainings and workshops, I attach great importance to imparting a basic understanding so that at the end the student can guide himself and others in the sacred practice of pranayama. The techniques of the ancient sages are powerful and influence the whole human being from the soul level to the musculoskeletal system. Not every technique is suitable for every student. 

The personal, spiritual level of development, skills of self-observation, discernment, clarity and the development of virtues play just as much a role in the compilation of pranayama techniques as the health status, poisoning and personal constitution, one's own talents and weak points which can be determined very well by the Ayurvedic classification in doshas. A pranayama practice should therefore be personalized as soon as it exceeds the basic exercises. Personal goals and everyday circumstances must also be taken into account in order to develop a stable, healthy, goal-oriented practice for everyday life.

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