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In the second level of the Pranayama Online Training (Ancient Breathwork), we will focus on  advanced practices, building up on the foundation you established in Level I. The course duration is 76 hours. Together with Level I you can acquire a 100h Advanced Pranayama Training Certificate. Ayurvedic Analysis will be part of the teaching to find the very best  practice for your personal needs. More therapeutic practices will be introduced to use for special treatment and everyday application. Longer sessions of practice, including more defined control of Prana in your system and steps towards meditation, will be implemented. New techniques will be introduced step by step, so the session will get longer by the time. You will have homework in self-observation and  applying the learned on a daily basis.

Join us at the Yoga Science Academy for our Pranayama Teacher Training Level II, where we delve deeper into advanced practices to expand upon the foundation you built in Pranayama Online Training Level I. Our teaching includes Ayurvedic Analysis to tailor the practices to your specific needs. Discover therapeutic techniques for specialized treatments and daily application. Experience longer practice sessions with enhanced control over Prana and progression towards meditation. Step by step, new techniques will be introduced, gradually increasing session duration. Engage in self-observation and apply your learnings daily through assigned homework. Elevate your Pranayama journey with us.


Upon completion of Pranayama Online Training Level I, you are encouraged to continue with your personal practice at your own pace until you feel ready to embark on the next stage. In Pranayama Onlien Training Advanced Level II, we delve deeper into specific applications, exploring how to utilize the breath to treat diseases and the transformative effects of consciously directing the flow of Prana. You will gain the knowledge and skills to work with your energy body, shifting Prana to areas where it is needed or desired. As you progress, the mental aspect of your practice will naturally expand. These courses have been thoughtfully designed to not only provide you with immediate benefits but also prepare you for higher spiritual endeavors, such as meditation, and enable you to integrate these practices into your professional life. Both levels extensively discuss and explain the scientific and spiritual foundations of all techniques, ensuring that you understand the "what" and "why" behind each practice. 




  • Ayurvedic Analysis of your Dosha

  • Supporting habits and nutrition for your Pranayama practice

  • Advanced Yogic Pranayama practices

  • Cleansing Pranayama Techniques for the Nadis and body tissues

  • Therapeutic application of Pranayama Techniques

  • Indications and counterindications of Techniques

  • Long fully guided Pranayama sessions

  • Soft awakening practices

  • Third-eye activation techniques

  • Working with Chakras

  • Visualization practices

  • Personal feedback

  • Personal Video Library

Discover the transformative power of Pranayama in our Pranayama Teacher Training. Learn Ayurvedic Analysis of your Dosha for personalized practice. Explore advanced Yogic Pranayama techniques and cleansing practices. Gain therapeutic applications and understand indications and counterindications. Experience fully guided sessions and soft awakening practices. Activate your third-eye and work with Chakras. Enhance your practice with visualization techniques. Receive personal feedback and access your Video Library. Enroll in our Pranayama Online Course for comprehensive Pranayama Training. Become a certified Pranayama teacher today.


We will meet every weekend on Saturday and Sunday for 3,5 hours. Every time a new technique will be introduced. The scientific and spiritual background will be explained and then applied. All sessions will be recorded and you will have access to your personal video library, so you can watch again or at another time. You can write your questions and observations into the comments and I will cover them in the next session or reply right away. Every Wednesday we will meet in the morning to practice together. Also, these sessions are recorded and will be available for you.

Join our Pranayama Teacher Training at the Yoga Science Academy. Weekend sessions every Saturday and Sunday for 3.5 hours. Learn new techniques, with scientific and spiritual explanations. All sessions recorded for your personal video library. Watch at your convenience and leave comments for personalized support. Wednesday morning practice sessions also recorded for access anytime. Enroll in our Pranayama Online Course for flexible and comprehensive Pranayama Training. Enhance your teaching skills and deepen your practice. Start your journey today.


Lecture and Practice


Guided Practice

21 full hours

3x 7 hours per weekend

Sa & Sun: 08.00 - 11.30 am CET

Sa & Sun: 10.00 - 11.30 am CET

416,- € *Prices are subject to change

All Lectures and Guidances are recorded and available in your Personal Video Library

Dates and tution fee for Pranayama Online Teacher Training


At the Yoga Science Academy, we strongly believe that knowledge and learning should be accessible to everyone. That's why we have made our prices affordable and considerate of personal circumstances. If you encounter any difficulties with the payment, please don't hesitate to reach out to us (here). We are here to help and will work together to find a solution that suits your situation. In special cases, we also offer the option to make payments in instalments, ensuring that the price remains unchanged. Your journey towards knowledge and growth is important to us, and we want to make it as smooth and supportive as possible.

At the Yoga Science Academy, we prioritize accessibility and affordability in our Pranayama Teacher Training. We understand that everyone's circumstances are unique, which is why we offer considerate pricing options. If you face any challenges with payment, please contact us for assistance. We are committed to finding a solution that works for you, including installment payment plans when needed. Your journey of knowledge and growth is valuable to us, and we strive to provide a smooth and supportive experience. Start your transformative Pranayama Training with us today.
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