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Pranayama Online Training Level I

Soon Available
  • In 12 full classes you will:

    • Establish a sound and healthy breathing pattern

    • Harmonize the functions of our hemispheres

    • Balance the autonomous nervous system

    • Clean the energy channels, our Nadis

    • Calm our mind

    • Shift the energy through the body

    • Clean environmental toxins from the body tissues

    • Enhance the immune functions

    • Prepare for meditation

    • learn Diaphragmatic breathing

    • learn Makarasana

    • learn Nadi Shodanam

    • learn Anuloma Viloma

    • learn Breath Meditation

    • learn Cleansing techniques

    • learn Mudras

    • learn about Bandhas

    • learn about Counterindications

    • learn Therapeutic effects of the techniques

    • understand the autonomous Nervous System

    • learn the main Nadis

    • learn the main Chakras

    • learn Physiological effects of breathing exercises

    • learn Neurological effects

    • get personal guidance and feedback

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