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Often, we start our Yoga journey with a training and dive into Asana, Meditation, Philosophy and Pranayama practices. A new world opens up and we are overwhelmed by the sheer number of

techniques and the vast knowledge waiting to be discovered. But

where to start and  what to do first are important questions that

will be answered by long term dedicated practice. Your personal

practice will develop more clearly the more sincerely you step on

the sacred path of the old masters. But only very view decide to

go towards austerity and dedicate their life span to the studies of

the sacred sciences. Most  of us have to go back to their worldly lives and integrate some of the holy methods into their daily routine. Where to start and what to avoid can be challenging questions and lead on a path of trials and errors. To achieve your personal goals, taking your individual life situation into account is needed. Understanding your personal constitution and personality structure play as critical roles as your physical and mental health.

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In a private consultation Elli Ji will ask many questions about your life and habits. Your ailments will be anylized in the face of western research, holistic ayurvedic teachings and yogic science. You will receive a guideline of traditional practices and nutrition advices. Your personal background and talents will be taken into account so that you can easily implement your regimen into your daily life. 


Elli Ji will be your consultant. For many years she has advised people in health questions and trained many students to apply the yogic methods as treatment. She is dedicated to see the whole picture in the message your body is sending via symptoms and discomfort. Her own journey towards holistic health has been long and fruitful as she has learned many approaches to diagnose and treat illnesses offside the modern

western path. She has experienced the effectiveness of reasonable application of the ancient Yogic techniques and could heal herself from “incurable” conditions. Knowing severe illness first hand she can easily rely to the whole package of challenges a patient and his whole social environment have to face. With diligence she will guide you back towards your own strength.

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One session in the mean takes 1,5 hours and costs 146,- Euros.

Sometimes it might take a bit longer to review and discuss all relevant points. In case we take longer the fee will incur accordingly. The session will be closed after 2,5 hours latest. The guidances and teaching materials you will get for your self-treatment and homework will be accessible via your personal account. No extra fees occur here.



Yogascience provides insights from thousands of years of Yogic

knowledge. Though all diseases can be alleviated or healed with Yogic and Ayurvedic methods, a change from an allopathic treatment to a complete self-management cannot be done in one day. We are not health practitioners or medical doctors and the application of yogic techniques does not ad hoc replace an allopathic treatment. In case of medication, you need to coordinate with your physician to taper according to the improvement of your symptoms. Even severe medication can be removed when the cause of a problem gets treated and the body heals itself. This is an individual process though and depends on the dedication of the client to adapt changes in daily life.

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