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After some years on the Yoga path many have tried different ways to meditate or practice Asanas. Also, Pranayama techniques have found their ways into daily life via breath work trainings and many different spiritual schools offer their practices for spiritual advancement. To adapt an evolved practice to our changing needs, you usually would ask your Guru about the next steps. Your master would guide you towards more growth taking your capacity and your personality into account, helping you on your way with insights and protection. As a worldly practitioner you might have to answer these questions for yourself or you stick to a strict pattern of a tradition.. With deeper practices changes start to appear in the astral body, strong cleansing events take place and our inner and outer world start to change.  When the energy rises or the Kundalini starts to awaken, we see ourselves confronted with an unknown world. The effects of an expanded awareness are not only pleasant and can be extremely challenging. Mostly people feel very alone with these experiences as in the modern culture these events are still seen as occult. But rising consciousness is inevitable when you practice auspicious techniques for some time. Integrating the new level on sensitivity and knowledge into the daily life and adapt the spiritual practice according to your advancement can silence the struggles and give space for a long-term individual growth.

Yoga Studio
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During a one-on-one consultation, Elli Ji will delve into various aspects of your life and routines. Your concerns will be assessed through the lens of Western research, holistic Ayurvedic principles, and Yogic knowledge. She will provide you with guidelines on traditional practices and dietary recommendations. Your unique background and strengths will be considered to ensure that the suggested regimen seamlessly integrates into your everyday life.


Elli Ji will be your consultant. For many years she has advised people in health questions and trained many students to apply the yogic methods as treatment. She is dedicated to see the whole picture in the message your body is sending via symptoms and discomfort. Her own journey towards holistic health has been long and fruitful as she has learned many approaches to diagnose and treat illnesses offside the modern

western path. She has experienced the effectiveness of reasonable application of the ancient Yogic techniques and could heal herself from “incurable” conditions. Knowing severe illness first hand she can easily rely to the whole package of challenges a patient and his whole social environment have to face. With diligence she will guide you back towards your own strength.

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One session lasts 1.5 hours and is priced at 146,- Euros.

There may be instances where additional time is needed to cover and discuss all pertinent issues. If the session extends, the fee will be adjusted accordingly. However, the session will not exceed 2.5 hours. All instructional materials and guidance for self-treatment and homework will be available through your personal account, with no additional charges.



Yogascience draws from millennia of Yogic wisdom. While Yogic and Ayurvedic methods can alleviate or even heal many ailments, transitioning from allopathic treatments to complete self-management isn't an overnight process. We are not medical professionals, and employing yogic techniques doesn't instantly supplant allopathic treatments. If you're on medication, you should consult with your doctor regarding adjustments based on symptom improvements. Over time, even potent medications might be phased out as the root causes of issues are addressed and the body begins to self-heal. However, this is a personal journey and hinges on the individual's commitment to incorporating changes in their daily routine.

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