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In Western sciences the field of Psychology has tried to put the human mind into different systems. Whether you are familiar with Erich Fromm, Sigmund Freud or other big names in modern Psychology, you will always find the same approach: Things are thought by the mind and then put onto reality. If it works in some ways we accept this model, yet it remains a theory. On the other hand, in the ancient traditions observation is used to understand the make-up of nature and reality itself. In Yoga philosophy the mind is not an obscure thing that may exist, but states of awareness, the compartments of the mind and their functions are described in detail. Via Yogic practices like Meditation, we can learn to use our gifts and create our lives from within.

Meditation Course - Yoga and Brain Research', engaging in mindful meditation practices while learning about neurological impacts.


In modern Physics the latest findings seem to be crossing the world of magic. Using top-notch technology, scientist have found the same principles the ancient sages and Yogis have been talking about in the holy scriptures all over the world. The importance and functionality of Yogic practices in undeniable as we are far more creators than we might think. While we unravel the mystics around reality, we will explore how we can consciously create reality from within through meditation.


Our mind can do many things. From memorizing, inventing to knowing, many tasks can be managed. But how do we know that we are we? How does the concept of the Self emerge? Known as “Ego” (Freudian Psychology), the Self has not have had the best reputation in the west. We will shed a light on the ancient concept of the mind and the individual.

An interactive session in the 'Meditation Course - Yoga and Brain Research', where participants explore the connection between yoga, meditation, and brain science


For many centuries people tried to figure out what role our grey matter plays in the big game of reality. Neither the seat of the Self nor how consciousness arises has been unraveled. But how we perceive things, our senses and the processing of information in the related brain regions have been studied for a long time. In the last decades the methods have been refined and the key to guiding thoughts and behaviour has been found. We will take a deeper look into the different brain regions and their functions as well as the concept of free will vs. fate and the individual that we call "I". We´ll explore the function of meditation and their effects on the brain and the mind itself.

Exploring the mysteries of the brain and its role in reality, this meditation course delves into perception, senses, brain region functions, and the interplay of free will and fate, while examining meditation's effects on the brain and mind


In this 5 hours Yoga meets Brain Research Meditation Workshop you will learn:

  • The compartments of the mind – Yogic Philosophy

  • States of mind

  • Ego, Self and the brain

  • Consciousness and brain research

  • Brain regions and Meditation

  • Meditation and reality

  • Quantum Physics and applied science

  • Meditation Practice to the Quantum Realm


This Workshop is designed to shine a light on the high actuality of ancient practices in the light of up-to-date scientific findings. This is for everyone who wants to understand more about Psyche, the Self, our brain and Meditation and how we can use simple techniques to support our mental health. No pre-knowledge is needed, only the willingness to learn and explore. 


Elli Ji has trained individuals from diverse backgrounds and with varying needs in Nepal, India, and Europe. Her qualifications include an MSc in Human Biology, Yoga Teacher Education, as well as training in TCM, Hypnosis, Reiki, and Meditation. In-depth immersion into Yoga Nidra and Pranayama has found the way into and influence the teaching of the applied techniques and trainings. With a comprehensive background she teaches the physiological, neuronal, and hormonal pathways, as well as the spiritual aspects that result from Yogic practices. She integrates the neurological and physiological effects of Yogic techniques, providing detailed insights for a holistic understanding to ignite a development towards holistic health and inner fulfillment.

Meet Elli Ji: Experienced Pranayama Guide with a Holistic Approach  Elli Ji is a highly skilled and experienced instructor who has been guiding Pranayama courses for several years. With a profound understanding of human biology, extensive Yoga training, and additional education in TCM, Hypnosis, Reiki, and Yoga Nidra, Elli Ji combines the best of western science and eastern spirituality to provide comprehensive guidance.  Having worked with individuals from diverse backgrounds and needs across Nepal, India, and Europe, Elli Ji has honed her teaching and diagnostic skills. Her expertise extends beyond theoretical knowledge, as she has personally experienced the transformative power of Yoga and Pranayama in overcoming chronic ailments. Drawing on her MSc in Human Biology and a 500hrs YTTC certification, she elucidates the physiological, neuronal, and hormonal pathways that underlie the effects of yogic practices.

Fees and payment

Everybody should have access to knowledge and learning. I keep the prices low and take personal circumstances into account. In case you meet any difficulties with the payment please contact me here and we will find a solution. In special cases you have the chance to do the payment in instalments. The price would remain the same.

Accessible Learning for All: Affordable Pricing and Flexible Payment Options  At, we believe that knowledge and learning should be accessible to everyone. That's why we have kept our prices low and consider personal circumstances when it comes to payment. We understand that financial difficulties may arise, and we are here to help. If you encounter any challenges with the payment process, please reach out to us at, and we will work together to find a solution.  In special cases, we offer the opportunity to make payments in installments, ensuring that the price remains the same. We want to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder your access to transformative learning experiences. Your commitment to growth and self-discovery is our top priority, and we are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.  Join our inclusive community and embark on a journey of knowledge and personal development. Take advantage of our affordable pricing

How does it work?

You register for the course and send me your SKYPE name. I will add you to the group and you receive a call every time we meet for life practice.
After the session you have access to the video for one month to watch again or at your perfect time. Handouts will be posted into the group for download every class as well as a guided Pranayama practice for everyday application.

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