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Yoga Nidra Online Course Level I 

Western Research meets Ancient Knowledge

The Yoga Science Academy welcomes you to the traditional Yoga Nidra Online Course Level I. We ́re happy to offer you an insight into the vast traditional science of the “yogic sleep”.


When we face challenges in life, there is always a place inside us that knows, that has faith. A place where is peace within. Through Yogic practices we can increase our resilience and connect with our inner self on an ever day basis. Yoga Nidra practices teach us how to relax the mind through the body and allow us to sink deep into ourselves. We can explore the hidden parts of our minds and allow natural healing
processes to occur. A relaxed mind can face any situation with ease. A happy mind can create a beautiful reality! Let ́s allow our body and mind to recover fully and find deep and healing relaxation

 Join the Yoga Science Academy for an immersive Yoga Nidra Training, Level I. Discover the ancient science of "yogic sleep" and unlock inner peace and resilience. Through Yogic practices, relax your mind and delve into self-exploration. Experience natural healing processes and embrace a relaxed mind capable of facing any challenge. Let your body and mind fully recover, finding profound and healing relaxation. Connect with your inner self and create a beautiful reality through the transformative power of Yoga Nidra. Enroll now and embark on a journey of deep relaxation and personal growth.

Traditional Yoga Nidra 

We will host 6 full classes of Yoga Nidra and introduce different relaxation techniques and Yoga Nidra practices. You will be guided through the whole sessions and learn step by step to dive deeper into yourself.

The practice is scheduled so that it intensifies over the 6 classes. Each class will take about 120 minutes and include short meditation, breathing exercise, guided relaxation and Yoga Nidra practice. The scientific background of the practices will be explained and give you a
better understanding of the body-mind connection.

In each class you have the chance to ask your personal questions and share your experiences with the others. Your personal situation will be taken into account, so that you can gain most of the experience.
We will record the guidance of Yoga Nidra, so that during the week you can practice the divine sleep of the Yogis. 

Experience the transformative Yoga Nidra Training with 6 comprehensive classes. Delve into various relaxation techniques and step-by-step Yoga Nidra practices. Each 120-minute class features meditation, breathing exercises, guided relaxation, and immersive Yoga Nidra practice. Gain a deeper understanding of the body-mind connection as the scientific background is explained. Share your experiences and ask personalized questions during interactive sessions. Tailored to your needs, this training maximizes your growth. Access recorded Yoga Nidra guidance for practicing the divine sleep of the Yogis throughout the week. Join now and unlock the profound benefits of Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra Online Course Level I - What you will learn

  • Pranayama practice for diaphragmatic breathing

  • The faculties of the mind

  • Sleep and dream states

  • Brainwaves and awareness

  • Neurological and physiological effects of Yoga Nidra

  • Health benefits of Yoga Nidra

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Yoga Nidra techniques

  • ​Spinal breath

  • Individual Consultancy

Enroll in our comprehensive Yoga Nidra Training for a transformative experience. Discover the power of diaphragmatic breathing through Pranayama practice. Explore the faculties of the mind, sleep and dream states, and the neurological and physiological effects of Yoga Nidra. Gain a deep understanding of brainwaves, awareness, and the health benefits of Yoga Nidra. Learn relaxation techniques, Yoga Nidra techniques, and the rejuvenating Spinal Breath. Personalized consultancy is available to address your unique needs. Join us today and unlock the profound potential of Yoga Nidra for personal growth and well-being

Yoga Nidra Online Course Level I  - What you can expect

The traditional Yoga Nidra Teacher Training and Yoga Nidra Online Courses will be held in different stages. After the first-level course, you can go on with your personal practice or apply for advanced training. Later you will learn how to teach Yoga Nidra to others. The training encompasses theoretical background and lives practice of various techniques. Over the time of the training, we go deeper into the scientific background and the practices intensify bit by bit.

Embark on the transformative Yoga Nidra Training journey with our traditional Teacher Training and Online Courses. Progress through multiple stages, starting with the foundational course. Expand your personal practice or advance to teaching Yoga Nidra. The training includes theoretical knowledge and immersive practice of various techniques. Dive deeper into the scientific background as the training progresses, with practices intensifying gradually. Join us to deepen your understanding, enhance your skills, and experience the profound benefits of Yoga Nidra.

What you need

• Firm grounding, we lie down on the floor

• Yoga mat

• Shawl or a blanket to cover yourself

• Light dark tissue, maybe a dark t-shirt to cover your eyes

• Folded towel to rest your head on

• A quiet room, no cell phones or other disturbances

• Empty belly, please don ́t eat 2-3 hours before the practice

Prepare for your Yoga Nidra Training with these essential items: a firm grounding on the floor, a comfortable yoga mat, a cozy shawl or blanket for warmth, a light dark tissue or dark-colored t-shirt to cover your eyes, a folded towel for head support, and a quiet room free from distractions. Ensure you have an empty belly by avoiding food 2-3 hours before the practice. Get ready to immerse yourself in the profound experience of Yoga Nidra

Who can join?

This will be a traditional guidance for everybody who wants to deepen the practice and explore the vast realm of the yogic sleep. No previous knowledge is needed. It ́s an experience-based practice to enjoy and expand. 



We will meet every weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Every time a new technique will be introduced. The scientific and spiritual background will be explained and then applied. All sessions will be recorded and you will have access to the videos, sequences and guidances in your personal Video Library, so you can watch again or at another time. You can write your questions and observations into the comments and I will cover them in the next session or reply right away. Every Wednesday we will meet in the morning to practice together. Also, these sessions are recorded and will be available for you.

Pranayama Weekend Sessions: Deep Dive into Techniques, Science, and Spirituality  Join us every weekend on Saturday for immersive Pranayama sessions that span 3 hours. Each session will introduce a new technique, providing a comprehensive understanding of its scientific and spiritual background. Delve into the transformative power of breathwork as theory seamlessly integrates with practical application.  Benefit from the convenience of recorded sessions. Gain access to the session videos for a month, allowing you to revisit the teachings, watch at your own pace, or catch up on missed sessions. Maximize your learning experience by jotting down questions and observations in the comments section. Rest assured, your inquiries will be addressed in the following session or through prompt replies.  Additionally, join us every Wednesday morning for guided practice sessions. Immerse yourself in a shared breathwork experience as we come together to deepen our understanding and refine....

About your Teacher Elli, MSc

Elli Ji, the founder of the Yoga Science Academy, has extensive experience in leading Yoga Nidra courses and Yoga Nidra Teacher Trainings and possesses a wealth of knowledge in teaching and assessing individuals. By incorporating years of Yoga training, ongoing education, and personal experiences, she has been able to assist people worldwide. Elli Ji has trained individuals from diverse backgrounds and with varying needs in Nepal, India, and Europe. Her qualifications include an MSc in Human Biology, a 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, as well as education in TCM, Hypnosis, Reiki, and in-depth immersion into Yoga Nidra and Pranayama. This comprehensive background allows her to comprehend the physiological, neuronal, and hormonal pathways, as well as the spiritual aspects of holistic health that result from yogic practices. Elli Ji possesses expertise in both Western scientific approaches and Eastern spiritual traditions. She integrates the neurological and physiological effects of yogic techniques, providing detailed insights for a holistic understanding. Her scientific understanding is enriched by her spiritual experiences gained from years of dedicated practice and teaching. Through consistent practice and the deliberate application of ancient spiritual techniques, Elli Ji has overcome various chronic ailments herself. Furthermore, she has helped numerous others find their way back to balanced lives and natural well-being (see testimonials). While conventional Western medicine and experts may have struggled to find solutions, the ancient wisdom of Yoga and holistic health approaches have illuminated new pathways, allowing modern scientific findings to take on a deeper meaning and present new opportunities. Elli Ji possesses the ability to address multiple symptoms using simple measures, reawakening the body's innate self-healing processes. Her primary objective is to raise awareness about the incredible power of our breath and to share her accumulated knowledge with others.

Meet Elli Ji: Experienced Pranayama Guide with a Holistic Approach  Elli Ji is a highly skilled and experienced instructor who has been guiding Pranayama courses for several years. With a profound understanding of human biology, extensive Yoga training, and additional education in TCM, Hypnosis, Reiki, and Yoga Nidra, Elli Ji combines the best of western science and eastern spirituality to provide comprehensive guidance.  Having worked with individuals from diverse backgrounds and needs across Nepal, India, and Europe, Elli Ji has honed her teaching and diagnostic skills. Her expertise extends beyond theoretical knowledge, as she has personally experienced the transformative power of Yoga and Pranayama in overcoming chronic ailments. Drawing on her MSc in Human Biology and a 500hrs YTTC certification, she elucidates the physiological, neuronal, and hormonal pathways that underlie the effects of yogic practices.

Fees and payment

Everybody should have access to knowledge and learning. I keep the prices low and take personal circumstances into account. In case you meet any difficulties with the payment please contact me here and we will find a solution. In special cases you have the chance to do the payment in instalments. The price would remain the same.

Accessible Learning for All: Affordable Pricing and Flexible Payment Options  At, we believe that knowledge and learning should be accessible to everyone. That's why we have kept our prices low and consider personal circumstances when it comes to payment. We understand that financial difficulties may arise, and we are here to help. If you encounter any challenges with the payment process, please reach out to us at, and we will work together to find a solution.  In special cases, we offer the opportunity to make payments in installments, ensuring that the price remains the same. We want to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder your access to transformative learning experiences. Your commitment to growth and self-discovery is our top priority, and we are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way.  Join our inclusive community and embark on a journey of knowledge and personal development. Take advantage of our affordable pricing

How does it work?

You register for the course and send me your SKYPE name. I will add you to the group and you receive a call every time we meet for life practice.
After the session you have access to the video for one month to watch again or at your perfect time. Handouts will be posted into the group for download every class as well as a guided Pranayama practice for everyday application.

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