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Nowadays many people struggle with exhaustion, chronic fatigue

syndrome and lack of energy. Depression, burn out and lack of joy

are more common as well and often a companion of a physical

imbalance. Neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes and auto-immune disorders like allergies and food intolerances are rising in numbers every year and every year more people are feeling left alone with only medical treatment for isolated symptoms. Most modern disorders are stress-related (physical and mental distress) and can be alleviated with very simple methods. But when symptoms are manifold it often gets complicated to receive a holistic diagnose and we end up moving from one doctor to another. The Yogic as well as the Ayurvedic Traditions allow to see the human as a whole being and provide countless methods to approach certain disorders. The yogic techniques can be used as a support in an ongoing treatment or as a holistic health approach in itself. You don´t have to become a Yogi in order to reap the benefits of thousands of years of deep knowledge. You can include some techniques into your daily routine and slowly allow the effects to develop. Depending on your personal circumstances and needs we will design a holistic set of exercises to help you get back to your strength. 

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In case you want to take your health into your own hands and use the vast knowledge of Yoga Science to prevent and or fight diseases or as a treatment method, please feel free to book an appointment. With over 15 years of experience we will help you to design a personalized practice based on traditional Yoga techniques and modern research results. In a private consultation Elli Ji will ask many questions about your life and habits. Your ailments will be analyzed in the face of western research, holistic Ayurvedic teachings and yogic science. You will receive a guideline of traditional practices and nutrition advices. Your personal background and talents will be taken into account so that you can easily implement your regimen into your daily life. 


Human Biologist and Yoga Trainer Elli Ji will be your consultant. For many years she has advised people in health questions and trained many students to apply the yogic methods as treatment. She is dedicated to see the whole picture in the message your body is sending via symptoms and discomfort. Her own journey towards holistic health has been long and fruitful as she has learned many approaches to diagnose and treat illnesses offside the modern western path. She has experienced the effectiveness of reasonable application of the ancient Yogic techniques and could heal herself from “incurable” conditions. Knowing severe illness first hand she can easily rely to the whole package of challenges a patient and his whole social environment have to face. With diligence she will guide you back towards your own strength.

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Our goal is your improvement. There is a path to healing for everyone, a reasonable approach for every constitution and symptom. Whether the consultation is a step for you to understand your situation better, to get pointed into the right direction or your entry into deeper learning and self-healing is only up to you. We don´t follow any dogma. So, a recommendation might be offside the Yoga field as well when it would serve you better. So, we only meet when it is necessary. (P.e. in some cases it might be needed to undergo a parasite treatment or a fasting period with a physician before we will apply Pranayamas (breathing techniques) to clean the body on a cellular level.). Knowledge comes in all shapes and forms and we should reap the fruits of the work and research of our ancestors and celebrate the wisdom of humanity. The willingness to take control and responsibility in the healing process is essential in order to work with the traditional ways of the Yogis. What lies ahead is a path of self-empowerment and wholesome enhancement of your physical and mental health.

Together at the Top


One session takes 1,5 hours and costs 146,- Euros. Sometimes it might take a bit longer to review and discuss all relevant points. In case we take longer the fee will incur accordingly. The session will be closed after 2,5 hours latest. The guidances and teaching materials you will get for your self-treatment and homework will be accessible via your personal account. No extra fees occur here.


Yogascience is rooted in centuries of Yogic tradition. Although Yogic and Ayurvedic approaches can mitigate or even cure various conditions, shifting from conventional medical treatments to full self-management is a gradual process. We aren't licensed medical practitioners, and the use of yogic methods doesn't immediately replace traditional medical treatments. If you're under medication, it's crucial to collaborate with your healthcare provider to adjust dosages in response to any improvements in symptoms. In the long run, even strong medications might become unnecessary as underlying issues are tackled and the body starts its natural healing process. Nonetheless, this transition is deeply personal and largely depends on one's dedication to integrating these changes into daily life.

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