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Yoga for Diabetes Mellitus

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Diabetes Type II and metabolism

Image highlighting the therapeutic relationship between yoga practices and diabetes management, emphasizing yoga's potential in supporting balanced blood sugar levels and overall well-being for diabetic individuals.

In the last decades the civilization diseases have exploded in numbers. Also, younger people are expressing the pancreatic distress illness of diabetes Type II or diabetes mellitus. It often occurs due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Ingesting too much alcohol, refined sugar, meat and trans-fatty acids can exhaust the pancreatic cells that produce Insulin. Mental distress worsens the overall physiological functions, hinder healing and rejuvenating processes and enhance a progressing diabetes and connected diseases.

Health benefits for the pancreas- Diabetes treatment

Yoga has proven to be a simple therapeutic tool that has to be considered as an important adjuvant in diabetes mellitus patients (NIDDM). A significant reduction in the frequency of hyperglycaemia and a decrease in the need for oral hypoglycaemic in order to maintain adequate blood sugar levels has been shown (Study). Blood glucose levels decrease with the practice, by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. Thus, Yoga should be used for accompanied treatment against diabetes (Study). Asanas without awareness are only sports though. To gain the full benefits of Yogic practice to have to integrate awareness and a sound breathing pattern. Integrating the right breathing into your Asana practice will leap you forward on you path of healing. The ancient practices hold wisdom about body and mind and the sacred power of self-healing. Find out how to breath in the right manner and regulate your physiology with our Free Guidances and Online Pranayama Trainings and Courses.

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