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Pranayama (Authentic Breathwork) & Yoga Nidra Trainings - Human Biologist and Founder of the Yoga Science Academy Elli Ji combines the broad knowledge in traditional Yoga from Nepal and India with up-to-date western research to help you unleash your self healing power. Learn how the holistic fusion of Pranayama (Ancient Breathwork), Meditation, Ayurveda and Detoxification can truly transform your life.



Mary:.."If you want to heal your body, clear your mind and reconnect with your true authentic self, then you should try a course with can let go of your tensions, anxieties, traumas and unresolved pain..." 




The Pranayama Online Courses (Ancient Breathwork Trainings) at the Yoga Science Academy are structured to allow you to choose how deep you want to delve into the science of yogic breathing. In Pranayama Online Training Level I you will learn the most basic and powerful breathing exercises and techniques to establish a healthy breathing pattern for holistic health and mental resilience. You will learn to clean your nadi system, the energy channels of our pranic body, release environmental toxins and remove mental blockages. All courses combine the scientific background with Far Eastern practices. In Pranayama Online Training Level II we will learn how to treat diseases through the breath and explore the effects of directed prana flow. In the last level we meet in person, since we have to keep a close eye on you to determine the level of the exercises. Stronger techniques are introduced. You will learn how to assess groups and diagnose individuals using Ayurvedic measures and interviews to understand which techniques to teach to whom. 

Discover the Yoga Nidra Online Course: Unwind and Connect with Your Inner Self  Immerse yourself in the profound art of Yoga Nidra through the comprehensive Yoga Nidra Online Trainings. Designed to accommodate your preferences, these courses allow you to explore the depths of Yoga Nidra at your own pace. In Level I of the Yoga Nidra Online Training, we introduce a variety of relaxation techniques and Yoga Nidra practices. With expert guidance, you will embark on a transformative journey, gradually delving deeper into your inner self. As you progress, the Yoga Nidra Trainings Level II elevate the practice, incorporating meditation, breathing exercises, guided relaxation, and immersive Yoga Nidra sessions. Additionally, the scientific underpinnings of these practices will be elucidated, enhancing your understanding of the mind-body connection.  Each class provides a supportive environment where you can ask questions and share your experiences with fellow participants. Your individual....


The  Yoga Nidra Online Trainings are structured in a way so you can choose how deep you want to dive into the science of  Yoga Nidra. In the Yoga Nidra Online Training Level I we introduce different relaxation techniques and Yoga Nidra practices. You will be guided through the whole sessions and learn step by step to dive deeper into yourself. The practice intensifies over the Yoga Nidra Trainings Level II. Each class include meditation, breathing exercise, guided relaxation and Yoga Nidra practice. The scientific background of the practices will be explained and give you a better understanding of the body-mind connection. In each class you have the chance to ask your personal questions and share your experiences with the others. Your personal situation will be taken into account, so that you can gain most of the experience. Read more

"The healer you have been looking for is you"

- Elli Ji - 

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