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The five crucial Benefits of Meditation

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

What science knows about the Power of Meditation

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Over many years the modern field of scientific research has conducted thousands of experiments with meditators. From experts to beginners, the neurological, physiological and psychological effects have been measured to gain deeper understanding about the power of spiritual practices. The techniques derive from ancient holy scriptures and the knowledge is living now in millions of people as carriers of the wisdom of our ancestors.

The old sages dwelled deep into the cosmic knowledge and lived lives offside society. Today we can integrate meditative practices into our worldly lives and experience the holistic health benefits by ourselves. How deep we go depends on us, for everyone there is a way to add some awareness practice, breath observation and conscious movements into daily live.

Meditation- A Holistic approach towards spiritual practices: Which practice should I do?

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The benefits of Meditation practice on life are abundant and can only be perceived fully by the Sadhaka. The sacred practice has deeper impact when you are aware of your current state, know your goals and are clear about your intentions. Keen observation and non-judgemental acceptance are key elements in a fruitful practice. The individual changes are profound and affect all layers of life as you give yourself fully in meditation, face yourself completely. These miracles are not yet measurable and remain in reports and lived life of fulfilment. The findings of modern research on the beneficial effects of Meditation are so compelling and clear that Meditation should be implemented into everyone´s daily routine.

Health Impacts of Meditation

The five powerful Meditation impacts on holistic health

1. Stress Relief- The Yoga Science behind Yoga Meditation

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Reducing stress is for many people the first reason to start with meditation. Stopping the movement of the body calms the mind. The conscious deep breathing impacts on our autonomous nervous system and we come from a stressful “fight. And flight” mode into a relaxed state of being – “rest and digest”. The muscles can lose tension and re-nurture strength, our organs can detox and wounds as mutations can heal and be repaired. As stress has many faces and accumulates to various symptoms, the benefits of meditation are as manifold. Meditation practice helps to:

  • Regulate the blood pressure

  • Lower the cholesterol level

  • Increase the production of DHEA, the anti-aging hormone

  • Increases oxygenation

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Alleviate fear, anxiety, depression

  • Improves sleeping problems

  • Brakes down stress-hormones

  • Reduces acidity in the body

  • Releases mental and emotional stress

2. Increased Concentration - The Yoga Science behind a clear and focussed mind

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Our mind has all capacities, it can go everywhere, any time with any intensity. But our minds are not trained well and do mostly what they are used to if it benefits or harms us. Circling thoughts or absentmindedness are common experiences in stressed people. It shows that only 20 minutes meditation practice per day is enough to change that behaviour of our nervous system. We are more focussed and can even remain concentrated in times of pressure. Being able to think right in a crucial moment is essential. We avoid follow-up problems and are in sync with ourselves. We can rely on our mind as an important instrument. Regular meditation practice helps to:

  • Increase focus and concentration

  • Maintain focus over longer period of time

  • Avoid distraction

  • Act instead of Reacting

  • Enhance your self-awareness

  • Increase confidence

  • Establish reliability

  • Supports the power of differentiation

3. Increased Vitality- The Science of Yoga Meditation to boost your Energy Levels

Meditation Training at Yoga Science Academy - Rejuvenate your mind and body with meditation, a powerful practice for boosting energy levels and promoting vitality. Discover the transformative benefits of our expert-led meditation training program.

As mentioned above Meditation can reduce your stress levels and allow you to recover, heal and replenish yourself. Automatically your energy levels will fill up and long-term exhaustion will subside with ongoing practice. We carry a lot of fatigue in us, force. Ourselves out of bed in the morning and wait until we feel exhausted until we put ourselves to sleep. Lack of recuperation has become a very common thing, the result an exhausted society. With meditation you release toxins from your system that block natural recuperation and healing. The aware and deep breathing helps to oxygenate all body tissues and brings the needed energy to the working regions. With Meditation you can fill up yourself with energy, the mitochondria in our body cells (power plants of our cells) rejuvenate and work much better, the detoxification of our cells works faster and we maintain our vitality. You can see the increase in performance in athletes as well as in amateurs, in physical as in mental performance. It´s not a surprise that in top jobs, highly decorated managers, politicians, stars and professional athletes, often meditation practice is integrated into their daily routine. Meditation affects:

  • Muscular performance

  • Endurance

  • Persistence

  • Blood pressure regulation in high performance

  • Fast recovery

  • Fast healing

  • Reduces need for sleep

  • Improves metabolism

  • Lowers unhealthy appetite

  • Excess energy for improvement

  • Faster progress

4. More Creativity - The yogic Science behind Innovations and insights through Meditation

Meditation Training at Yoga Science Academy - Unlock your creative potential through meditation. Enhance your imagination, intuition, and innovative thinking with our comprehensive meditation training program. Tap into the limitless wellspring of inspiration within you.

When we are stressed, in fear or tense our mind narrows itself rapidly. It is a natural and healthy adaption to help us be focussed only on one detail, to deal with one specific problem. When we are relaxed, feel safe and our senses are calm, the awareness broadens and we can explore the vast capacities of our beautiful mind. In modern times when we cannot release our stress and tension naturally by fighting or hunting, we tend to carry the stress on and are shut off from our innate creative force. Meditation practice induces relaxation and calmness of the mind. In these states our brain vibrates on lower frequencies which shows that the doors of perception widen and inner working are perceived with more detail. The mind is calm and awake. There, new ideas are born, intuition speaks clearly to us and we can find new approaches towards handling situations. If it is for higher cognitive processes as in calculating and solving mathematical problems, in scientific exploration, philosophical questions or any artistic work, daily meditation practice enhances your creative powers and allows you to enter a state of “flow” more easily. Your daily Meditation practice helps to:

  • Lower the brainwaves by free will

  • Produce a state of “flow”

  • Broaden consciousness

  • Tap into inner knowledge

  • Receive inspirations

  • Find creative solutions

  • Develop something new

5. Reconnecting with yourself- The Science of Meditation as a path to your inner Self

Meditation Training at Yoga Science Academy - Discover the profound journey of self-discovery through meditation. Cultivate a deeper connection with your inner self, gain clarity, and find inner peace with our transformative meditation training program.

To attain holistic health and overall well-being we try to do everything right in life. We take care of sports, nutrition, a good job, family, friends and hobbies. Yet, many people these days feel a little empty while having a very full life. We often forget that one of the four pillars in life is spirituality. Our brain has an extra compartment to process spiritual topics and experiences. It´s our communication centre with the divine. But as religions may not attract everyone our spiritual aspects and needs remain often unfulfilled and leave us searching for answers and happiness. Meditation practice can do many things, reconnecting with the divine inside yourself, with your true identity is elevating the whole life experience and does not end after your daily routine. It affects you in healing way on a very intimate level, your brain starts to rewire, your awareness expands and your consciousness grows. The overall effects are felt on every level in life as your thoughts will be more conscious and benevolent, your words more precise and pleasant, your deeds in sync with your moral goals and intentions. You will be more content and feel more fulfilled by your daily actions, your mind becomes your friend, a powerful instrument to create your life. Meditation helps you with:

  • Approaching challenges in a relaxed manner

  • Sense of inner security

  • Awareness of wishes and needs

  • Fulfilment in work

  • Healthy relationships

  • Making fruitful choices

  • Achieving goals

  • Resolving personal conflict

  • Expanding awareness

  • Integrating higher consciousness

  • Increased perception of beauty

  • Positive mind set

Whether you follow a certain tradition, guided or silent meditation, there is the right path towards the sacred Practice of Raja Yoga (Meditation) for everyone. Meditation is a natural state of ours, but it cannot be grabbed or forcefully induced. Exploring the workings of the mind every day fresh, meeting with yourself, will not only gift you with meditation experiences, it will also shape your personality and refine your virtues and strengths. But meditation practice does not only happen on the mat in sitting position with closed eyes.

Learn Meditation at the Yoga Science Academy

If you wish to explore more about the power of Mudras and the applications, please reach out or visit our Meditation Trainings online, or our Meditation Courses in Nepal, and in Europe. For specific applications and needs you can make a counseling appointment and find your personalized holistic Yogic practice. With a comprehensive curriculum, our courses cater to all levels of experience to gain practical skills and confidence through hands-on training, preparing you to share yoga's benefits with others.

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