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Detox and Pranayama

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Holistic cleansing with Pranayama

Pranayama - Cleanse and purify your body with Pranayama. Experience the transformative power of Pranayama Training at Yoga Science Academy.

Yoga Science and the wisdom of thousands of years provide us with various and for each individual, specific methods to get rid of poisons that cause blocks in our system. The yogic techniques, such as Pranayama, encompass the removal of physical or chemical, structures as well as mental and emotional toxins and blocks. Thus, the effects of yogic detoxification are always perceived on all levels of existence.

The body stores up toxins and waste that we take into our system on a daily basis. Even with a healthy lifestyle we are exposed to an increasing amount of environmental toxins that we cannot avoid easily. As new chemicals are invented our body struggles to remove these unknown structures. The accumulation of such can manifest in mental exhaustion, unhappiness as well as physical problems and diseases. The sheer amount of toxins leaves us with the responsibility of taking more care by applying cleansing techniques on a regular basis to maintain a healthy and balanced life. Most diseases are stress -based and can be prevented by removing the stressor from the system. To attain holistic health, a multilateral approach is needed. Removal from toxins, healthy nutrition, physical exercise and a natural biorhythm are key points to a body that exerts self-healing properties. Free yourself from environmental toxins and year-old traumata

Learn at the Yoga Science Academy

If you wish to explore more about the power of Pranayama and the applications, please reach out or visit our Pranayama Trainings Online, or our Pranayama Courses in Nepal, and in Europe. For specific applications and needs you can make a counseling appointment and find your personalized holistic Yogic practice. With a comprehensive curriculum, our courses cater to all levels of experience to gain practical skills and confidence through hands-on training, preparing you to share Yoga's benefits with others.

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