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Yoga for Reproduction and Pregnancy

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Effects of Yoga on Virility, Libido and Fertility

The fertility rate in men and women in the west has been decreasing during the last decades. Physiological stress caused by radiation (EMFs) and environmental toxins (aluminium and mercury- enriched Vaccines, Glyphosate, Hormones, aerosols, Medicine, Antibiotics etc.) lead to reduced birth rates, higher abort rates and pregnancy issues. Now Astrazine is sprayed on foods which is attacking our sexuality and changing gender. Men become less virile and women less fertile, sperm production and ovulations decrease and women are confronted with an overall virilization. Yoga practice can help you to fulfil your family plans and increase your fertility again. Find out about Detoxification and regain your health.

Hormone imbalances and Yoga practice

Yet, we can feel the dysfunction in the hormone system before becoming parents. Dysmenorrhoea, anovulation, menses pain, disturbed libido and many more symptoms occur. Yoga helps to orchestrate the fine tuning and modulation of the neuroendocrine axis which results in a harmonized hormone system. Changes in the excretion of adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine, testosterone and luteinizing hormone and cortisol result in a beneficially balances hormone system. The effects on body and mind are profound and powerful. Also, cardiovascular health benefits can be detected (Study). Not only the long-term stress hormone cortisol decreases but also our brain vibrates differently, inducing relaxation and healing processes. Hormone imbalances causing infertility or other reproductive disorders can be addressed with Pranayama practices and Asanas as well as with mental practices as Meditation (Study) Learn about brain wave modulation in our Online Trainings.

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