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Health Impacts of Yoga and Pranayama

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Improving health with Yoga Practice - Scientific findings

Increasing evidence of research outcomes prove that certain Yoga techniques improve physical and mental health. Biochemically, the down‑regulation of the hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA) is key of the effectiveness of Yogic practices. The HPA axis regulates our response to stress, how quick the stress response onset is happening and is thus an indicator for our resilience. Also, the sympathetic nervous system gets regulated down, our fight-and-flight-reaction deactivates and the re-nourishing system can be active. Physiologically, Yoga onset of our parasympathetic nerves which induces relaxation and healing processes in the body. The mind becomes clear and positive, we regain access to our mental prowess. The effects on daily routines and life quality experienced are broad: Physical distress, chronic diseases (Heart problems, Diabetes), hormonal imbalances, systemic dysfunctions, circadian disorders, digestion problems, allergies, sleeping issues, infertility and fatigue among many other issues can be treated by implementing simple Yogic techniques into your life. The mental improvements lead from increased mental performance as memory, focus, creativity in problem solving to relaxation, resilience, happiness and countering neurodegenerative diseases and Depression. The overall physical performance increases as the body detoxifies and regains flexibility, strength and inner coordination. The biochemical pathways align and our autonomous functions get balanced. Book a Personal consultation and regain your holistic health.

Yoga benefits for Physical Fitness

Yoga has been known to have tremendous effects on overall health and inner well-being since the ages. Modern studies with detailed measures show that only several weeks of practicing Yoga showed manifold beneficial outcomes in the practitioner. Decreased sweating in the test subjects show increased resilience to outer stressors and a more robust cardiovascular system. Endurance and respiratory pressures (expiratory and inspiratory breath retention) increase in male as well as in female participants. Physical strength increases over time as well. The breath rate declines as the lung capacity increases (Study). Even short-term practice shows strong changes in the breathing patterns. All respiratory muscles get stronger and the lung volume increases which leads to reduces breath rate and stronger resilience and physical robustness (Study). In Pranayama practices you learn to over-ride the stimulus that activates our respiratory centre and gain control of the breath flow. Conscious breathing and guiding the life energy - PRANA- to produce the wanted effects are the results of dedicated guided Pranayama Training.

Start to breathe right and regain your health

Learn more about the physical improvements and mental impacts of healthy breathing and experience Makarasana - an ancient practice to learn about the body-mind-bridge. You can also look up our Free Guidances.

Yoga improves Flexibility and Coordination

Regular Yoga practice has an overall impact on the physical well-being. Athletes can improve their whole performance, endurance and power output with Yoga practices. Also, we become more flexible and less susceptible towards injuries. Training body and mind together leads to better body-brain integration and our coordination and physical skills improve with ingoing practice. The holistic approach of life science - Yoga-involves methods to address all muscle groups as well as all tendons, ligaments joints and glands. All organs can be activated and the autonomous nervous system responds to the Yogic techniques. Our biochemistry and our brainwaves harmonize and the whole system get balanced. In grown-ups, a frail cardiovascular system is a strong predictor for overall mortality and a well-known risk factor that can be addressed by the ancient techniques.

Application of the right techniques can help to alleviate symptoms of hypertension, coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus and other illnesses. The overall fitness increases and cardiovascular health improves rapidly (Study). Reducing tension and finding flexibility and smoothness in the body has extreme effects on the mentality and psy-chological well-being. Read more about the Psychological impacts of Yoga and Pranayama here.

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