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Yoga and Psychology - Scientific findings

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Psychological Effects of Yoga Practice

Image illustrating the intersection of yoga and psychology, showcasing the ancient practice of yoga as a tool for mental well-being and its profound impact on psychological health

Besides the biochemical impacts, Yoga and Pranayama practice has shown to have strong psychological effects as well. Anxiety decreases rapidly in Yoga practitioners which leads to an altered life, almost a new life (Study). Emotional, social, and spiritual well‑being is growing with ongoing practice (Study). We become clearer and more in sync with ourselves, our self-perception becomes more intrinsic. Instead of just looking at our layers, the capacity to see good increases and we live in a better world with ourselves (Study). Learn how to reduce stress and relax deeply to rejuvenate. The Science of the Yogic Sleep can help you to regain your strength and find recreation within. Try out our Free Guidance of relaxation and our Yoga Nidra Online Courses and Trainings.

Yoga helps against Depression, Hypertension and reduces Stress

Stress‑induced disorders like hypertension, angina, headaches, depression and stress-disorders are fast growing ailments and common in modern societies. The holistic science of Yoga can be used as a method for prevention as well as a treatment modality against many illnesses. Only after weeks of training the state of being alters tremendously. Even brief relaxation training normalizes the function of the autonomic nervous system and has a healing effect on individuals with depression (Study). Only several weeks of training changes the overall state of being (Study). Studies show that Yoga decreases cortisol levels and thus helps with accumulated physiological stress. With decreased cortisol levels we can heal faster and recover, tension diminishes and the mind gets more focussed (Study). Learn more about the Effects of Yoga and Pranayama in our Online Courses.

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